Bretland Gaunt, the specialist in charge of the expertise of our artworks

Among the team of enthusiasts behind Heritage Gallery - Traditional African Art, Mr. Bretland Gaunt carefully describes and appraises each piece we offer for sale.

A solid academic background

Originally, Mr. Gaunt studied archeology at the University of Newcastle, specializing in the religions of the Roman Empire, and wrote a thesis on the iconography of Anatolian deities during the Greco period. -romaine.

He then worked on various archaeological sites including Hadrian's Wall as well as other sites from the Roman period in the United Kingdom, but also on the Byzantine site of the Canayer monastery in the Pontic range (north-western Turkey ), and finally on the oppidum of Alesia (France).

Along with these activities, Mr. Gaunt cultivated his passion for arts and cultures and in particular that of African art. His skills thus led him to occupy the position of responsible for collections of objects of ethnographic, Asian, Egyptian and archaeological interest in several museums in the United Kingdom.

He currently holds this position at the Buxton Museum and contributes to the blog which you can read here.

Long experience in the african art market

Along with these activities of public and academic interest, for 25 years, Mr. Gaunt, as an independent consultant, has offered his services and expertise in the field of antiques, Asian art, African arts and art. Islamic art from British auction houses.

On the strength of these experiences, these two "caps" allow him to better understand the value of works in both an academic and commercial context.

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African Art Gallery Expert Bretland Gaunt