Heritage Gallery : passion for the arts of Africa

Our gallery is above all the story of a passion for ritual objects and the mysteries of the depths of Africa.
The spirits of the bush seizing the masked dancer and protecting the tribe, the ancestors watching over the living through statues, but also the powerful fetishes of sorcerers and war masks, frightening women and children in the cannibalistic tribes . The supports of traditional African arts are as manifold as the cultures and artistic trends to which they belong.

Expertise in primitive arts

With a university qualification in primitive arts and a solid commercial experience forged by a decade of organizing auctions in the field of art and antiques, the sensitivity of our team has also been shaped over the years. years by traveling to the heart of villages in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, West Africa and the Middle East.
These transversal and complementary skills allow us to offer you the certainty of acquiring, via our site, authentic objects at the best price.

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Our traditional African art objects

The pieces we offer can come from several channels: some are entrusted to us by individuals who have themselves acquired them sometimes during stays in Africa, sometimes in the auction room or from other collectors and sometimes reputable dealers.
Their age varies and is estimated on the basis of information and documents possibly provided by their owner, as well as on the basis of our knowledge.
African art is a complex sector and it is not always easy to differentiate an authentic piece from a copy or a fake, which is why our entire team is at your disposal to guide you in the best possible way building a high quality collection for a reasonable budget.