Héritage Galerie: the passion for the arts of Africa

Our gallery is above all the story of a passion for ritual objects, the mysteries of the depths of Africa and the avant-garde forms offered their incredible diversity.

The spirits of the bush seizing the masked dancer and protecting the tribe, the ancestors watching over the living through statues, but also the powerful fetishes of bewitching soothsayers and masks of war, frightening women and children in cannibalistic tribes .

The supports of the traditional arts of Africa are as multiple as the cultures and artistic currents to which they belong.

Our virtual gallery has become a reference on the art market in recent years.

We are responsive and at your service, our team is always looking for something new and something to share, you are a private collector, a primitive art enthusiast or simply an amateur, do not hesitate to join our motivated and dynamic team. , there will always be a place for you, research work, constitution of collections, succession and sale of collection, advice, expertise,...

Expertise in primitive arts


Our team has a solid commercial experience forged by years of organizing auctions in the field of art, ethnographic study, as well as an aesthetic interest linked to design.

These transversal and complementary skills allow us to offer you objects of sometimes ritual, sometimes aesthetic, sometimes historical interest.

Aesthetic sense

It is common knowledge that many traditional African objects have inspired and still inspire contemporary Western artists such as Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Alberto Giacometti.

If these talented creators have integrated the forms of African ritual objects into their artistic expression, what could be more natural than also wishing, as a collector, to surround themselves, at home or in their workplace, with pieces visually striking for a unique and unusual decoration?

Our expertise also extends to the integration of shaped objects, old or recent, into your interior in order to give it an incomparable character opposed to the insipid standardization of our world.

Our African Art objects


The pieces that we offer can come from several channels: some are entrusted to us by individuals who have themselves acquired them sometimes during stays in Africa, sometimes in the auction room or from other collectors and sometimes renowned dealers, or even inherited at the end of a transmission over one or more generations.

Establish a date

The age varies and is estimated on the basis of information and documents possibly provided by their owner, as well as on the basis of our knowledge.

What authenticity?

Over the centuries, the purpose of sculptures from Africa has evolved in parallel with uses: while some pieces present in museums date from the pre-colonial period and meet strict ritual obligations, the arrival of Europeans from the 19th century (or even more early), intrigued and fell under the charm of the forms and the depth of this art, led to a craze to which the sculptors hastened to respond with objects made to order.

At the same time, if certain practices considered as pagan by the missionary congregations and by the colonial authority were eradicated with more or less success, we observe in many regions and cultures that Christianization has hybridized with these ancestral practices.

Thus, certain ritual practices have been perpetuated and/or modified to the present day, still offering us the chance to observe the masks dancing during folk festivities, and the "fetishes" working in the service of their owners.

It is not always easy to differentiate from vulgar recent fakes giving the illusion of first generation pieces, this is why our team is at your disposal to guide you as best as possible in the development of a collection of unique pieces retaining an aesthetic interest and this, for a reasonable budget far from the stratospheric prices of famous places of sale.