Kongo African art, rich and varied, testifies to the importance given to the rites and beliefs that they practiced.
On the one hand, we find objects linked to animist beliefs: maternity, pairs of statuettes, commemorative statues of ancestors, nkisi fetish, nkisi nkondi nail fetish, nkisi nkondi kozo fetish, maboondo funerary steles, traditional ngobudi masks, vili statuettes , bitumba statue, kiala moko ntadi figures, etc.
On the other, we discover objects linked to Christian beliefs: crucifixes, statues of the Virgin, etc.
The Kongo, or Bakongo, lived in a kingdom encompassing Gabon, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola, bringing together several tribes (Vili, Yombe, Beembe, Bwende, Woyo, etc.) under the supervision of their king, elected by a board of governors.

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