Nago Fon Voodoo fetish figure - SOLD OUT

African fetish linked to the Voodoo cult (also called Vodun) among the peoples of Benin. More specifically, it comes from the Nago territory, culturally close to the Fon given their use of fetishes for various purposes.
This African statue comes in the form of a slender figure resting on a conical base. To hold the fetish in place, the fetishist added a set of nails that act as feet. Traditionally, accessories and elements have been added to the body and legs, held together with tight ropes. Remarkable element on this piece, the presence of a skull firmly fixed on the back of the character. This is an infrequent addition, adding significant magical power to the room, especially as part of anti-evil spells.
A thick patina covers the whole. It was obtained using mixtures of oils and blood, regularly applied in order to recharge the magical power of the fetish.

This piece, from a private Strasbourg collection, is a masterpiece in itself illustrating the power of Voodoo.

Sold out

Data sheet

Presumed dating
Circa 1950
43 x 9 cm
Ethnic group
Wood, sacrificial materials
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Tribal Art Collection Portugal

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