Lega Muminia mask for Bwami - SOLD OUT

A wooden mask with a heart shaped face set within the oval frame of the mask itself. The wood is light with darkened areas to the edges. The nose is long and with slightly flared nostrils. The eyes are small and slightly bulging. The mouth is also small and set low down on the face, being covered with black pigment to the inside. The sides are pierced and threaded with a separate raffia beard which is knotted to the upper edge. 


The word Muminia means “necessary for initiation” and these masks are used in the Bwami secret society. The Bwami society (also known as the Bwa society) has control over much of the social and religious aspects of Lega life, particularly initiation. The Muminia masks are used by the two lowest grades of initiation and are used to identify the children of ancestors. Like the more well known Lukwakongo masks, they are hung on a special fence type structure during the ceremonies. 

Sold out

Data sheet

Presumed dating
Late XIXth century
22 x 14 cm
Ethnic group
Lega / Balega / Warega
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Tribal art collection Belgium