Lomane mask Yaouré - SOLD OUT

The worship of Lo with Lomane in traditional African art

Yohouré masks symbolize yu or spiritual power. they have an elongated face with protruding mouth, semi-circular eyes and high forehead, framed by a characteristic hairstyle, divided into three parts and surmounted by a totem animal as is the case here or a pattern in comb shape.

The crenellated pattern on the edge of the mask is characteristic. Yohouré masks are usually worn on two occasions - the ye celebration and the lo ceremony. The first aims to purify the village after a death and helps the soul of a deceased to reach eternal rest.

These are usually painted masks that are used during this celebration. On the occasion of the ceremony yo cons, we see appear masks covered with black pigment.

The role of each type of mask is not extremely precise, so that all can be used in all these ceremonies. An estimate of the value of this mask has been established by the independent experts of the Catawiki auction room. We offer the object at a lower price than the low estimate.

Sold out

Data sheet

Presumed dating
1st half XXth century
34 x 16 cm
Expert's estimate
700 - 800 €
Ethnic group
Yohouré / Yaouré / Yaure
Tribal art collection France

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