Kakungu figure - Metoko - Congo - SOLD

Rare African art statue of Metoko

These African sculptures, symbols of rank and status, were used during the initiation rites of Bukota society.

Kakungu tribal statues, which belong to initiates occupying the highest positions of Bukota, are used during initiation and are displayed on the graves of high-ranking members for some time. They indicate rank and status and usually represent the man and the woman. The term Kakungu symbolizes an old person full of dignity who is the victim of witchcraft or ritual pollution.

This remarkable piece of art first of which one finds a copy in the Museum of Tervuren, was bought by a collector. Browse our art gallery, we have many statues of Congo.

Sold out

Data sheet

40 x 12 cm
Ethnic group
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Tribal art collection Belgium

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