Iron currency Chamba Nigeria - SOLD OUT

African currencies were used to finalize transactions between tribes. They also could be used for individual purpose, such as to buy cattle, consumer goods or as a dowry for wedding.The Chamba seems to have a great variety of currency and is not particularly affected when it is related to Nigeria. The bell shaped forms and narrow 'clangers' are attached to a ring of the individual pieces as part of a group that would have an enhanced value due to the material and their forms. Equally each element could be exchanged separately for goods. Forged iron currency has a long history in Africa. The conversion of forged iron into other objects makes it an ideal form of currency. Equally in the shape of bells and clangersOrigin : private collection, BelgiumDating : 1940'sSize : 30 x 40 cmMaterial : iron
Sold out

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