Bull mask of the Dô Singinkuru-Ayna Ligbi - SOLD OUT

The Ligbi are a small tribe in Western Ghana, on either side of the Ivory Coast border. The masks of the Ligbi people show both some idiosyncratic forms and a few formal similarities with masks of neighbouring tribes (Senufo, Djimini, Kulango). The present, typical and very old Ligbi mask is made of hard wood, and coloured in black-brown and white. One of its special features is the double pairs of eyelids on top of each other. Fine slit 'eyes', a long nose above a small, round protruding mouth and a carved goatee. In the upper section, over a jagged band in relief, it displays a pair of elegantly curved horns, and typical tribal scarification marks on the face, forehead and cheeks as well as near the mouth. The three ‘projections’ on both sides are reminiscent of the ‘Kpelie masks’ of the Senufo people. A very beautiful and rare example of a mask of the Ligbi people, with very good usage patina. Origin : private collection, FranceDating : 1960'sSize : 52 x 24 cmMaterial : wood

Sold out

Data sheet

Presumed dating
Mid XXth century
Ethnic group
Ivory Coast
Tribal art collection France

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