Luba pipe smoking figure - SOLD OUT

Traditional African Art Luba

In traditional African art, pieces from the Luba ethnic group are well known in view of their vast area of ​​distribution. Therefore, their style varies according to the subregions and subgroups that occupy it.

We observe here a particular traditional statue probably representing a chef smoking. The object that is the pipe regularly returns in the themes addressed in the art Luba in Congo. The pipe is here very large compared to the personage who holds it. The cap of the latter is typical, consisting of a hollow cross.

Origin : private collection P. Vandenbergh, BelgiumDating : 1960'sSize :  20 x 30 cmMarterials : wood

Sold out

Data sheet

Presumed dating
Circa 1960
Ethnic group
Luba / Baluba / Louba
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Tribal art collection Belgium