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Statue of worship Vodun in traditional African art

Mami Wata (or Mamy Wata, Mami Watta or Mama Wata) is an aquatic deity of the African Vodun cult whose practice is widespread in West Africa in the center and the South, in the diaspora of the Caribbean and in parts of America. North and South. Mami Wata is generally described as an extraordinary woman, and very powerful. His worship varies according to his initiates, priests and worshipers, however broad lines emerge.

Meetings can take place, but the deity is more inclined to individual relationships with his followers. She has many priests and mediums in Africa, America and the Caribbean, who are specifically initiated.

In Nigeria, its followers wear red and white clothes, because these colors represent the dual nature of Mami Wata: in Igbo iconography, red represents death, destruction, warmth, masculinity, physicality and power then that white also symbolizes death, but also beauty, creation, femininity, renewal, spirituality, translucency, water and health. The sanctuaries of Mami Wata can be decorated with these colors and with bells, carvings, Christian or Indian icons, dolls, incense and previous sacrificial remains.

Origin : private collection, ItalyDating : 1960'sSize : 45 x 25 cmMaterial : wood

Sold out

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Presumed dating
Mid XXth century
45 x 25 cm
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