Figure Mumuye - SOLD OUT

Mumuye statues in traditional African art Within the rich corpus of Mumuye statues is distinguished the so-called "chunky" style, considered "the most accomplished plastically, and therefore the most" classic "of the Mumuye statuary.This statue is a figure Oracular and healing, typical mumuye style: thin with elongated body and small head, torso and long arms and very short legs This is a "talking figure" that was probably erected on the outside inside or inside a building, it serves to reveal the identity of the thieves and other evildoers.A medicinal plant juice was smeared on the mouth of the statue, which "spoke" then to be The mumuye statues were also used for healing rituals during epidemics such as smallpox.Atypical presence of small horns on the head.

Origin : private collection, ItalyDating : 1950'sSize : 77 x 21 cmMaterial : wood

Sold out

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