Pair of twins Venavi - Ewe - Togo - SOLD

Representations of twins in traditional African art

The statuettes of Venavi twins are the counterpart among the Ewe of the Ibedji twins or Ibeji among the Yoruba. The Ewe are known for their fabrics as well as for their little wooden dolls called venavi or venovi used, as among the Yoruba, to protect the twin remaining after the death of the first twin.

This type of statuette was immediately used as children's toys and sometimes even as fertility dolls by women who placed them under their mattresses. Young women could also wear them under their clothes to promote their fertility. The presence of scarification, clothing or necklaces of pearls or cowrie shells, as is the case here, testifies to the clan and religious affiliations of the owner.

Pair of African figures sold by our gallery, expert in African tribal art, the reference in Belgium.

Origin : private collection, SwitzerlandDating: 1950'sSize : 20 x 9 cmMaterials : wood, fabric

Sold out

Data sheet

Presumed dating
1st half XXth century
Ethnic group
Tribal art collection Switzerland

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