Maternity figure - Baule - Ivory Coast - SOLD

The statues representing maternities in traditional African art at the Baoulé

We find in this traditional African statue the aesthetic canons of Baoulé art: finesse of the features, at the level of the face as of the whole of the room. Scarification is present on the body and the facies. Pearl ornaments have been placed on the maternity ward. The mother carries a child on her left leg and sits on a small Akan style stool. The aesthetics of Baoulé art is not a coincidence and is in fact linked to the belief that the spirits and geniuses of the bush appreciate the beautiful rooms in which they come then settle down, the statues serving them. made of receptacles, and then flattered by the quality of the sculpture, decide to ensure their benevolence and protection to the owner of the objects. This authentic figure representing a mother to child has been sold by our art gallery.

Origin : private collection, France Dating : 1950 Size : 55 x 16 cm Materials : wood, beads, shell

Sold out

Data sheet

Presumed dating
Mid XXth century
Ethnic group
Baoulé / Baulé
Ivory Coast
Tribal art collection France

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