Mossi Nakomsougouri Wanluili mask - SOLD OUT

African mask Wanluili representing the bird Nakomsougouri in the primitive art of Mossi

This authentic African mask of Wanluili type whose specific name is Nakomsougouri is quite stylized. Wanluili is a group of masks that gather under this generic term, and carry a beak, here strongly curved. This mask represents in this case the sacred sparrow among the Mossi, named Nakomsougouri. By gathering on the roof of the palace, the sparrows protect it. We observe a beautiful preservation of the geometric patterns, the polychrome and the beautifully worked blade that rises upwards.

Origin : private collection, V. Briard, FranceDating : 1950Size : +/- 60 cmMaterial : wood

Sold out

Data sheet

Presumed dating
Mid XXth century
Expert's estimate
Ethnic group
Burkina Faso
Tribal art collection France

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