Two-coloured Juju Hat - Bamileke - Cameroon

Colourful african "juju" hat from Bamileke traditional artLarge black and white Juju hat with raffia cap, strips of tree bark to the edges supporting a mass of feathers.The Bamileke create these hats, known originally as Tyn, for use in festivals and ceremonies. Every tribe within the bamileke is headed by a chief who is attended by a committee of eight men known as mkem, each of whom has brought wealth and distinction to the tribe and is in charge of certain duties within the kingdom, such as economic, military or legal. Every two years the mkem hold a ceremony to honour the wealth and power of the king; it is only the king and members of the warrior clan who wear particular masks and Juju hats such as this.Origin : gathered in situ Dating : 1980'sDiameter : +/- 75 cm Materials : wood, fabric, feathers

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