Couple of Tyi wara crest masks Segou style - Bambara - Mali - SOLD

The famous African crowned masks Ci wara / Tyi wara representing the antelope in the traditional Bambara art

The roan antelope, much admired by the Bambara farmers of this rugged Malian country, has inspired zoomorphic crest masks worn by dancers recounting the traditional myth of the first farmer. These African crests named Ci wara or Tyi wara figure during the initiatory dances that introduce the young men in the society of the same name Tyi wara. Couples of young costumed dancers appear wearing these headdresses: one represents the male antelope, the other represents the female antelope. They are also the respective symbols of the sun and moon, woe to those who intervene when they dance. This pair of Ci wara crests is carved in the style of northern Bambara, in the Segou region. Note the amazing unity between the curve of the horns and the grace of the head and neck of these delicate sculptures. This pair of remarkable traditional masks has been sold by our gallery, expert in the field.

Origin : private collection, FranceDating : 1960Size : 62 x 27 cmMaterial : wood

Sold out

Data sheet

Presumed dating
Mid XXth century
Expert's estimate
Ethnic group
Bambara / Bamana
Tribal art collection France

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