Dan mask miniature - SOLD OUT

The Dan call the masks gle or ga and consider them as manifestations of spirits of the wild forest. These spirits have no form, but when they wish to use their powers to support the human world, they manifest themselves as magic objects, large spoons or ritual masks.
Spirits choose a person to imitate him by appearing in his dreams. Only men, however, are selected to wear masks representing spirits. The mind informs its wearer of the type of mask required, its name, its accessories, its musical accompaniment and its dance steps.
Dan's African masks range from naturalist to highly stylized. They represent men and women, male animals or a mixture of human and animal characteristics. Masks appear in contexts related to social control, political and judicial issues, peacemaking, education, competition and entertainment. The protruding cantilevered forehead, the protruding, protruding cheeks, the tubular eyes, and the large open mouth that once held the teeth are the attributes of a formidable male spirit. The mask accompanied warriors in combat or supported them by creating a frightening atmosphere in the village of an opponent. A feather headdress and a large beard were initially attached to the mask, which was worn with a thick raffia skirt.
Dan has commissioned artists to carve masks, but not often. Successful old masks have been preferred and have been used as long as possible. Identity and contexts of use have changed over time. As a result, an entertainment mask could become a reputable justice mask.

Sold out

Data sheet

Presumed dating
1st half XXth century
16 x 9 cm
Expert's estimate
350 - 425€
Ethnic group
Ivory Coast
Gathered in situ