Mossi Biga doll


Mossi Biga dolls: Symbols of fertility and protection

Inscription below the base: Collection Vérité.

These dolls are often seen as symbols of fertility and protection, and they play an essential role in the rituals and beliefs of the Mossi people.

Mossi Biga dolls are carved from hardwood and can range from a few centimetres to several dozen centimetres in height. They are generally represented with a cylindrical body and a round head. Facial details are simplified, with large almond-shaped eyes and a mouth that is often absent or barely suggested.

These dolls are often worn by Mossi women to promote fertility and provide protection for the family. They are also used during wedding ceremonies and rites of passage. The dolls are often adorned with traditional clothing and accessories, such as beads, colourful fabrics and elaborate headdresses.

Beyond their symbolic role, Mossi Biga dolls are also valued as art objects. Their simple, stylised form and meticulous finish make them attractive to collectors and lovers of African art.

Mossi Biga dolls are a testament to the cultural and artistic richness of the Mossi people, and they continue to be revered and appreciated for their symbolic meaning and distinct aesthetic.

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Presumed dating
Mid XXth century
28 cm
Ethnic group
Wood, metal
Burkina Faso
Tribal art collection Belgium

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