African statue Minsereh Yassi Mende - SOLD OUT

Mendé statuary in traditional African art

The character is slender. The face is serene with closed eyes. The cap is sophisticated. Nevertheless, out of context, the piece does not deliver the secrets that surround it, so we do not know much about the exact use of female statues Minsereh.

The statue highlighting a strong chest and being part of objects related to the Yassi society, we can still deduce the importance of fertility in Mende culture. The very dark patina was blackened with vegetable decoctions. We are selling this traditional African statue at a price lower than the estimate established by the experts of the Dutch Auction House, Catawiki.

Sold out

Data sheet

Presumed dating
Mid XXth century
Expert's estimate
300 - 400 €
Ethnic group
Sierra Leone
Tribal Art Collection Portugal

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