Two-headed Bateba Figure Lobi - SOLD OUT

Lobi Traditional art  - The composite statuary

Lobi Bateba statue in Thil Dokpa style. Scene to Body Body. Lobi and their skill. The line of bodies that fused - and which dissolved, always woke up with pensive faces, stopped in their daily life by the magic of the chisel.

This ambivalence between support and representation is further accentuated in this statue with double body and face: traditional janus. The duplication translates the artist out of the power of the human to go on the other side mirror, in the field of invisibility, power and the extraordinary. Lobi's relationship with their deity is benevolent to the sculptor's eyes, even in the representation of their most unlikely figures. The Bateba are, for their owners, protection and not threat. Whether his style is rudimentary or sophisticated, geometric or naturalistic, the soul remains in harmony with his destiny.

Sold out

Data sheet

Presumed dating
1st half XXth century
63 x 17 cm
Ethnic group
Wood, metal
Burkina Faso
Tribal art collection France
Very good

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