Baoule Yaoure effigy mask - SOLD OUT

In Côte d'Ivoire, we find the most refined traditional masks in African art: those of the Yohouré and the Baoulé. The two neighboring ethnic groups sculpt masks for the same festive context, it is therefore not always easy to differentiate them.

We observe on this mask a thin crenellated beard around the perimeter as well as a treatment of the prognathic mouth with circular lips. The extremely neat cap is made up of appendages linked together by a set of tight ropes. Numerous scarifications are visible on the forehead.

This mask was carved on the basis of the face of a specific individual, which was the prerogative of the rich and dignitaries who could afford the services of a sculptor. The other Baoulé and Yohouré masks are not supposed to identify an individual but belong to various types that come out during annual ceremonies.

Sold out

Data sheet

Presumed dating
1st half XXth century
26 cm
Ethnic group
Yohouré / Yaouré / Yaure
Wood, rope
Ivory Coast
Tribal art collection France
Very good

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