Lomane tribal mask Yaouré Yohouré - SOLD OUT

The African mask surmounted by a bird at the Yaouré

The traditional masks Yohouré / Yaouré are among the finest pieces of African art. In the Yohouré artistic corpus, we find the stylistic influence of two neighboring ethnic groups: the Baoulé and the Gouro.

Yohouré pieces are nonetheless quite original and have their own characteristics. Among these, we can note the presence of a frontal headdress whose edge is finely worked and symbolizes wealth. This piece also has a very beautiful symmetry. The eyebrows arcuate circle and meet on the bridge of the nose. Yohouré masks are also famous for their crest ornaments. Here we find a representation of a bird leaning forward.

The cap is divided into three characteristic lobes of the Yohouré.

Authentic object on sale in our gallery at a price lower than the estimate established by the experts of the Catawiki auction room.

Sold out

Data sheet

Presumed dating
1st half XXth century
36 x 15 cm
Expert's estimate
500 - 600 €
Ethnic group
Yohouré / Yaouré / Yaure
Ivory Coast
Tribal art collection Switzerland

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