Facial mask Kota / Mbede - SOLD OUT

Although they were numerous and varied before colonization, the ancient masks of Gabon are a rarity.

First, the masks and their functions were held in an opaque secret by the user societies.

The climate and the insects of this African "Amazon" have wreaked havoc. The first Europeans who discovered these objects found them repulsive of ugliness and generally ignored them. Even Pastor Grébert, a fine observer, while describing them with meticulousness, found them horrible. The burning of missionaries has often completed the work of termites.

Given its sobriety and especially the shape of its eyebrows, this African mask probably comes from South Kota or Mbete / Mbede / Ambete.

The poor conditions of conservation mentioned above as well as the use left traces on the general state of this remarkable mask.

Sold out

Data sheet

Presumed dating
1st half XXth century
33 x 21 cm
Expert's estimate
550 - 625 €
Ethnic group
Kota / Bakota
Tribal art collection France

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