Eshu Chief staffs - Yoruba - Nigeria

The worship of Eshu in African art among the Yoruba

Certain objects (power sticks, cane, sceptres, fly-flies, ...) are exclusive attributes of the function of chief or king. These are the material symbols of the chief's power. Command sticks or scepters have always been the insignia of African kings.

In some cases, they may also have played the role of phallic symbols evoking notions of power and fertility, in association with royalty. The scepter was so important as to symbolize the royal power, that even when it was not in the hands of the sovereign, he was shown the respect due to the chief.

This pair of authentic sticks rarely meets. Offered exclusively by our gallery, the reference in tribal art in Belgium.

Origin : private collection of african art, France Datinf : 1940's-1950'sHeight : +/- 92 cmMaterial : wood

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Presumed dating
1st half XXth century
Ethnic group
Tribal art collection France

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