Doyo Nwantantay mask - Bwa / Gurunsi - Burkina Faso - SOLD OUT

African animal masks in Bwa / Gurunsi art

The round faces of these masks are the representation of the owl and the hooks symbolize the male sex. On the whole, the traditional Bwa and Gurunsi masks represent benevolent spirits, favorable to the well-being of the village. In exchange for venerations, they protect their owners. The signs on the masks may have several readings, depending on the clan or the degree of initiation of the spectators. Every mask, every statuette contains a parcel of the supreme being called Su.

Sometimes old masks become receptacles of higher forces. We fear this spirit that lives then and can be used against potential enemies. Authentic quality mask with a very contemporary cubist style.

Sold out

Data sheet

Presumed dating
Mid XXth century
61 x 20 cm
Expert's estimate
375 - 425 €
Ethnic group
Burkina Faso
Tribal art collection France

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