Tadep Statue Mambila - SOLD OUT

Tadep statues in traditional African art among Mambila in Cameroon

Tadep statues were most often placed in sanctuaries outside villages, halfway between the humanized world and the bush and spirit world. The tadep figures served as matchmakers and guardians between these two worlds.

Healers have a central place in the Mambila culture. Their society, Suaga, was involved in justice, protection from evil spells, and purification.

The tadep statues are easily recognizable by their elongated facies tending towards the triangle on tip, often inlaid with kaolin, digs large orbits.

The arms are close to the body, hands close to or on the face. We note here the presence of an additional head at the top of the statue representing in miniature a famous mask also of the Suaga society. The facies is pierced with a multitude of small perforations.

The undeniably old patina and the intrinsic quality of the piece make it an uncommon object.

Sold out

Data sheet

61 x 15 cm
Expert's estimate
600 - 700 €
Ethnic group
Tribal art collection Switzerland

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