Mipasi Tabwa figurine - SOLD OUT

The African figures of the Mipasi type were transmitted from generation to generation and kept in a dedicated hut under the guidance of the ancients. These tribal statues were supposed to contain the souls of the deceased so that they could offer their protective and healing powers. The statues were placed at the entrance to the village to keep the wizards and witches away, but were also close to the sick so that the healing spirit could intervene.

Similarly, blacksmiths had them to prevent evil spirits from interfering in their work. During New Moon festivities, the mipasi were sacrificed and offered food to recharge their power and bring good omens to the community and its leaders.

Sold out

Data sheet

Presumed dating
Circa 1950
Ethnic group
Tabwa / Batabwa
Wood, beads
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Gathered in situ

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