Ancestor figure - Dogon - Mali - SOLD

Dogon Gates, Dogon Masks, Ladders, Statues, Bronzes: The traditional African art of the Dogon is breathtakingly rich

Small authentic traditional African statue depicting a Dogon ancestor. The latter are an ethnic group established in Mali, known for being troglodytes in the area of ​​Bandiagara which previously sheltered the famous Tellem people. The Dogon are famous for practicing ancestor worship and have a rich and complex cosmogony. They are known for their cosmogony and their complex rituals but also for their particular architecture related to their place of life: the attics and houses are endowed with the famous Dogon doors on which we observe representations of primordial characters like the Nommo, but also animal figures, usually lizards and crocodiles, totemic animals.

The Dogon ladders are also well known, Y-shaped with steps carved on the trunk. Another famous object was the pillar of Toguna, which held the ceiling under which men gathered to discuss and manage social conflicts. There are also traditional objects such as Dogon bronzes (riders, rings, ...) and primordial couples very long in the style of Giacometti. There are variations of style depending on the region among the Dogon as in many other ethnic groups. Walu antelope masks, Sirige masks, and Kanaga African masks are also mentioned. Aduno Koro boxes or ointment jars are also known.

This Dogon ancestor figurine "Hogon" was purchased by a collector from our art gallery. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for other items.

Origin : private collection R-M. V., BelgiumDating : 1960'sSize : 14 x 3 cmMaterials : woodStand : included

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Data sheet

Presumed dating
Mid XXth century
Ethnic group
Tribal art collection Belgium

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