Ntomokum mask - Bambara - Mali - SOLD

N'tomo worship in African Bamana / Bambara art

In Africa, at the heart of the Bamana / Bambara ethnic group, the Ntomokum is the centerpiece of the bilakoros (uncircumcised children). It is an African mask of the N'tomo cult with a human face that the elders wear during ceremonies. It is surmounted by horns that indicate the different human characteristics. The masks are surmounted by four horns represent the female gender. The male mask has three horns. A small female character is also visible on the top, chest proudly erect. The six-horned male mask symbolizes the six senses of man necessary to know the world. The seven-horned mask represents male and female duality and, by extension, marriage. N'tomo society is the first of the six main companies or initiation stages in Bambara. In N'tomo society, children learn about the origin of man and his place in the world. This superb authentic mask in a very good state of conservation was proposed by our art gallery, the reference in Belgium, and was acquired by a collector.

Sold out

Data sheet

Presumed dating
Mid XXth century
66 x 23 cm
Ethnic group
Bambara / Bamana
Tribal art collection France

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