Pair of Ibedji / Ibeji figures - Erin Oyo - Yoruba - SOLD

Classical Ibeji / Ibedji twin figures from the Yoruba traditional art in NigeriaPair of wooden figures representing male and female Ibeji twins in Yoruba tribal art (Nigeria). To the top of each the hair pulled up into a cone shape. The eyes closed with smiling faces. To the neck a series of glass beads, each figure with three large ceramic barrel beads. The female with drooping breasts and extended stomach, the male with large phallus. Each figure with a double band of glass beads to the waist.The Yoruba have the highest birth rate of twins anywhere in the world, but also a high mortality rate. Twins are considered to have special powers as they are believed to be one soul inhabiting two bodies, and therefore should be cared for accordingly. If a twin dies in infancy the family will have a wooden figure made of it. The full name for these figures is ere ibeji - ‘ere’ means sacred image, ‘ibi’ means born and ‘eji’ means twice. The family care for these figures as though they are alive, bathing and feeding them, putting on clean clothes every day and carrying them like a baby. The family will also carry out rituals at significant moments to ensure the balance of the shared soul.Origin : private collection P. Sanches, PortugalDating : 1940'sSize : 35 x 7 cmMaterials : wood, beads

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Presumed dating
1st half XXth century
Ethnic group
Tribal Art Collection Portugal

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